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City of Birmingham Partners with BEAT in Ensley Revitalization Effort

Mayor Bell announced that the City of Birmingham will join efforts with BEAT in restoration of Downtown Ensley. They have proposed a $40 million plan that includes a Municipal Court Building that would be the home of the Birmingham Police Department Administration and the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Department Administration. The building chosen for this renovation is the 10-story, 50,000 square foot Ramsay McCormack Building, which has been vacant since 1986.

Bell claims that architects and planners suggested that in order to make a great economic impact, they needed to find a way to bring this building and this community back to life.

"This [plan] gives us an opportunity to look at what we can do in the Ensley community, the heartbeat of the western section of town," explained Mayor Bell during a press conference.

Leaders of BEAT are encouraged by the city's interest in Downtown Ensley and are looking forward to the opportunity to take big steps in their efforts towards revitalization.

Read the full article in the Birmingham Times here.

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