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June 19, 2017

Non-profit group hopes development will 'bring people back' to Ensley

The Bethel Ensley Action Task (BEAT) is hoping to launch a $25 million development that would include a park and mixed-use building in Ensley. 

BEAT's executive director, Frank Dominic, said the group's plan will complement the city of Birmingham's $40 milllion renovation of the Ramsey-McCormick building. 

Watch the video to hear more about BEAT's plan for Ensley.

May 16, 2017

Apartments, health center, business incubator in mix for Ensley public safety complex plan

Birmingham Mayor William Bell said he will present his plan to pay for the $40 million Ensley public safety municipal complex to the City Council next month.

The Bethel Ensley Action Task Inc. (BEAT) is also working to raise $24.6 million for an adjacent mixed-use development called Ensley Junction to complement the city's plan to help revitalize downtown Ensley.

The development will include a 48-unit apartment complex called Ensley Flats, 16,500 square feet of Class-A commercial space and redevelopment of the 24,000-square-foot Jefferson County Western Health Clinic, said BEAT Executive Director Frank Dominic.

A destination park, similar to Birmingham's Railroad Park, is also in the works, according to BEAT. The park will feature walking trails, playground, interactive recreational fountains, concert space and area for food trucks.

December 01, 2016

Birmingham mayor proposes $40 million plan to move municipal court, police, and fire headquarters to Ensley

Birmingham Mayor William Bell on Wednesday announced a proposed plan to invest $40 million in downtown Ensley for a public safety municipal complex.

The project will include the rehabilitation of the 10-story, 50,000-square-foot Ramsay McCormack Building located at 508 19th Street in Ensley for municipal court. New buildings will be constructed for Birmingham police and Fire and Rescue headquarters.

The Bethel Ensley Action Task, Inc. (BEAT) also has plans to raise $24 million for an adjacent mixed-use development to include residential, retail and office space. 

Fox 6 News WBRC

November 30, 2016

Birmingham leaders announce development of $40M public safety municipal complex in Ensley

Birmingham Mayor William Bell unveiled a $40 million public safety municipal complex to transform a strategic block in downtown Ensley.

"We have looked at several plans over the last several years but none of them really made the impact that this project will make for the community," Mayor Bell said.

In addition to the public safety complex, Bell said another $24 million investment could come from the Bethel Ensley Action Task, Inc., (BEAT) tasked to identify redevelopment.

The public safety complex could couple with a BEAT initiative to create green space, housing and retail on adjacent blocks.

"We have had the faith, now we get the dream," former neighborhood association president Magnolia Cook said.

June 19, 2014

BEAT organization brings new affordable housing and brighter future to Ensley neighborhood

Even though it was a balmy 90 degrees outside, the new air conditioning system in Shunte Jones's home was keeping it cool.

The Bethel-Ensley Action Task, Inc.—or BEAT—presented the first affordable home in its new development to Shunte Jones and her family Thursday morning. Representatives from Wells Fargo, who donated money to BEAT, and the city of Birmingham also joined the family and BEAT.

BEAT has worked as a nonprofit since 1991 to bring affordable housing and revitalize a six-block stretch of the Sandy Bottom area in Ensley. They've constructed about 50 homes and duplexes, a new park and community center over the 20 years, investing about $2 million into infrastructure in the area.

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